Southfields Park in Loughborough

Parkour Design & Installation


CLIENT: Havering Borough Council/Proludic

BUDGET: £45,000

PROJECT: To design and install an exciting and challenging Parkour facility at Harrow Lodge Park, Hornchurch for the local community to enjoy.


The site was formerly a disused pond which had fallen into a state of disrepair. The pond had been filled with subsoil and general rubble waste and drainage was practically extremely poor.

Natural Sports surveyed the area to find the pond had a solid concrete liner which would make the excavations for the sub foundation and drainage quite difficult.

In addition, the local Parkour community highlighted specific requirements for the facility within the design which we emphasised could prove challenging during the manufacturing and installation of the project.


Prior to installation, we excavated the waste material from the pond and penetrated through the concrete pond liner to ensure the area was adequately drained. The foundations for the elements were unearthed through the concrete pond to ensure the elements were installed at the correct height for the design.

The specific requests outlined in the design pushed engineering to new levels in order to create a facility that met the needs of the local Parkour users, as well as European Parkour Standard while keeping the maintenance low for the Local Authority.

We overcame all obstacles and completed installation on time. The local Parkour community and our clients were happy with the final outcome.

“We are overjoyed with the results of the facility which was created in challenging circumstances. The Parkour training facility has transformed an area which had no prior purpose. The area has come to life with practitioners of all ages and experience. It is fantastic!”