Southfields Park in Loughborough

Parkour Design & Installation


CLIENT: Charnwood Borough Council

BUDGET: £40,000

PROJECT: To design and install a Parkour facility for Southfields park, a central area within Loughborough town.


The site was originally an abandoned macadam area that had gradually fallen into disrepair over the years.

Upon visiting the site, it was identified that the working space was quite restricted, with environmental issues concerning the treat roots and social issue. The client was very keen to keep the site disturbance to a minimum and protect the existing trees. Paths through the park had to be maintained and open at all times.

The local parkour community comprising of some of the leading practitioners in the Midlands had specific requirements which had to be met.

The project had been user lead with the assistance of Charnwood Borough Council, Parkour UK and Natural Sports.


Natural Sports enhanced the design to include the first floating platform feature in the UK along with a facility, which maximized the space available, ensuring that it complies to the latest Parkour standards.

Since the facility was installed, the area has become the hub of Parkour in the Loughborough area and was the catalyst for our projects in neighboring Shepshed & Leicester.

Natural Sports created our designs from discussions with the practitioners as well as ideas sketched by local users. We worked closely with them to realise their dream of the Parkour Park.

During the final design presentation, practitioners asked for slight changes in positioning which we checked would not impact on the standards and the changes were made.

The final blend of the design was the colour of the surfacing which was agreed to be a natural balance to compliment the surrounding area. Once approved we started work to install the Parkour Park.

We are proud that the area is as popular today as it was on the opening day, where we had over 150 people attend. Watch the video click here

Local practitioners continue to maintain a heathy dialog via social media to alert the community to training days and when people are using the area in general.

“The Parkour Area has brought new life and activity to the park. The skill of the users is a sight to behold. Natural Sports have created a unique training facility that has brought the community together breaking down barriers on all levels.”